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The Distorted Personality

Life according to Dave

Dave Handy
10 February 1983
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Hi folks! Glad to see that you found your way to my page. I began writing here in January 2002 (wow, I've been here for over three years and remained regular!) having been a regular visitor to other peoples journals over the previous few years. Thank you to Richard Vince for introducing me to this wonderful site and for enriching my life as a result. This journal grew like most monsters grow and ended up very different from how it started (or how it was ever intended to be)! If you go back to 2002 then I recount my life story in many different phases through what was quite a difficult year, encompassing the second half of my first year at university and the beginning of the second. Now it records my thoughts and my life as it's happening now, and the past is the past. This page is my therapy, where I let go of the feelings that bug me inside. It's largely 'Friends Only' entries here now so if you want to read about my life, or my sounding off that I do here then add me and I'll add you back if you look interesting.

14th March 2005
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